Introduction of ‘The Insurance Act’

In August ‘The Insurance Act 2015’ came into force, making substantial changes to the way our industry looks at Commercial insurance.



Five months on and we’re continuing to develop our procedures and processes to ensure the best outcomes for your clients.


As supporters of this reform from day one, we’ve always had a key focus on providing you with sufficient information to help you understand what the Act could mean for you and your clients. Here at Aviva, the Insurance Act was a leading theme at our regional conferences and broker masterclasses and our guides for brokers and clients have been widely utilised.


With many brokers trading online, this brings added complexity to the process of providing insurers with all the information they need to underwrite an application. With this in mind, one of the key developments we made as a result of the Act is the introduction of our ‘Fair presentation of risk guarantee’. This means that provided you answer our online questions and assumptions accurately, we’ll accept that as a fair presentation of the risk, meaning we can provide a consistent and timely approach to assessing your clients’ risks.


We’ve also made changes to our policy wording on Fast Trade, making it much more straightforward to navigate and understand for you and your clients.


Our new simpler design incorporates:

  • Inner limits shown upfront in the customer’s schedule.
  • Clearly laid out covers showing what your customers do and don’t have cover for (using ticks and crosses to indicate this).
  • Where customer obligations/policy conditions exist, these are either detailed in the policy schedule or clearly highlighted in the policy with yellow warning triangles (not hidden in the ‘small print’).
  • We’ve made the wording easier to navigate, so when viewed online you can click between sections making it easier to find specific areas.
  • Definitions will appear when you hover over certain words and where possible we’ve simplified the language and terminology we use.

For the latest information from Aviva on industry regulations and trends visit our new Good Thinking Hub.

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