Giving your high net worth customers more

This year we welcomed Aviva Private Clients – our new and improved high net worth insurance offering delivering a level of insurance excellence that perfectly complements your clients’ lifestyle, and makes it easier than ever to do business with us.

Introducing a new level of insurance excellence

Aviva Private Clients still offers the Distinct products you already know, but we used our Good Thinking and carried out detailed research to enhance our offering and place us at the forefront of the high net worth sector.

With a wider underwriting appetite than ever before, a refreshed highly flexible approach and an exceptional claims service - we’re committed to meeting your private clients’ needs. Some of the benefits include:

  • Expert underwriters are now regionally aligned to make it easier for you to build relationships with them.
  • Enhancements to every product to give more protection for your clients
  • Flexible decision-making from our UK based claims managers.
  • A broader underwriting appetite and bespoke underwriting to make sure your clients have cover for their most treasured items.
  • An improved claims experience by bringing on board industry leading claims specialists.
  • Discounts for Commercial connected business and when linking home with motor
  • If you have a financial deal with us, Aviva Private Client’s business placed counts towards it.

Read more about our product enhancements.

We understand that supporting your business is more than being an underwriter; this is why we bring you added value content that you can share with your high net worth customers to protect their world;

Set the highest standard of protection

Give your clients the assurance that the belongings they treasure, their vehicles and holidays are protected with the same care and precision with which they chose them. See what Aviva Private Clients can offer your clients today and discover more of the good thinking behind our enhanced high net worth offering.

For more information on Aviva Private Clients have a look at our Aviva Private Clients Prospectus or contact your Aviva sales manager.

Don’t forget…

You can access Broker Create to give you access our high net worth marketing templates that you can personalise and brand as your own to prospect new clients and achieve cross-sales with existing ones.

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