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We’ve been making big changes on Fast Trade from reducing our pricing, refreshing products and adding new functionality – all to help you win and retain SME business. There’s never been a better time to get a quote on Fast Trade.




Cross selling and prospecting tool - More revenue, less repetition

The new cross selling and prospecting tools are now live on Fast Trade.

For the first time on an insurer extranet, we’re making it easier for you to cross sell – suggesting additional products specifically for your clients needs…and we’re not stopping there! We’ll pre populate the client information which you’ve previously entered on Fast Trade, meaning you’ll only have to input information once to obtain multiple quotes for your clients.

Our prospecting tool will allow you to requote previously held or existing Aviva business at the click of a button making it easier for you to win and retain more business.

Watch our cross sell and prospecting video today!

Reducing our pricing

We know your customers increasingly need to manage their insurance spend meaning that our rates need to be competitive. That’s why we’ve changed the pricing on our Minifleet, Self Employed, Manufacturing & Wholesale and Commercial Property Owners products.  You’ll see we’ve reduced our pricing by up to 25%* across trades on these products through our award winning Fast Trade platform. Why not have a look and get a quote today? 

Self Employed product relaunch – more opportunities, less effort.

We understand how important it is for us to improve our products and service in order to help you do business even better. With this in mind, we’ve completely refreshed our Self Employed cover on Fast Trade based around the feedback brokers such as you have given us. It’s all about giving you and your clients more.

You can now write more trades than ever before from estate agents to cavity wall insulation and window cleaning to ductwork installation. Plus if your client has more than one type of trade activity, you’ll now be able to write up to four trades on Fast Trade.  We can now accept clients with business premises (building & contents not insurable under SEP) 

We can also write height limits up to 15m and depth limits up to 3m.  In addition to this, we’ve also increased our contract works limits and introduced £250,000 and £500,000 limits. For new business we can now write up to 10 employees and that construction trades can also have 10 bona-fides sub-contractors on top of this.

Finally, you’ve told us that you need to be able to trade faster on Fast Trade, so we’ve also changed the how you enter the information for our Self Employed product – making it easier and quicker to get a quote.

These changes will combine to give you more Self Employed opportunities whilst taking less time and effort. So it will be easier and faster then ever to quote and trade Self Employed business on Fast Trade.

If you have any questions or would like further information on these exciting changes, please contact your Aviva business development manager.

* some trades will see the pricing reduced by less than 25%, you can find more about the pricing from your Aviva business development manager.

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