Commercial cover with your clients in mind

We’ve recently told you about the improvements we’re making to our commercial offering, so if your clients are managing an office like Emily, or running a local shop like Greg, our policies guard against them being underinsured. We’re giving customers one overall sum insured, removing average and automatically increasing the sums insured by 20% with no additional cost to the customer.

To further improve our offering for your Office and Surgery, and Shop and Salon clients we’ve also updated our policy wording online making it much easier to read and understand.

Our new, simpler design incorporates customer obligations shown up front in the policy schedule, and all cover limits printed in one place. It's clear to see what's covered and what's not, plus important information is clearly highlighted in the policy with yellow warning triangles (not hidden in the ‘small print’).

Other benefits of the new wording include:

  • definitions which appear when you hover over certain words 
  • easier navigation between sections, when viewed online 
  • simplified language and terminology. 

We believe these enhancements make it much easier for your clients to understand the extent of their cover, and provide the peace of mind they require to allow them to take care of business.

To get a quote, simply log-in to Fast Trade via the Aviva Broker website or for further information on our enhanced SME Commercial offering contact your Aviva sales manager.

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