Looking to raise funds, acquire another business or refinance?

The pace of change in our industry is unprecedented – from regulation and digitalisation, to market concerns around large consolidators, it’s never been more important to stay one step ahead. That’s something we wholeheartedly understand, and in partnership with Integritas, can help you achieve.


Who are Integritas?

Integritas are specialist commercial finance brokers who fully understand the insurance sector. Endorsed by BIBA, they’ve worked with us since 2013, having already helped many brokers obtain finance. In the same way we recommend the services of a professional broker for insurance, it’s more important than ever to realise the benefits of using a commercial finance broker. Directors, Paul Saunders and Martin White have over 60 years banking experience – they know what banks are looking for, how to present your deal and negotiate the best terms possible.

How can this benefit your business?

They can work with you to assess your proposal and advise the best way to obtain funding, speed up the process and improve your chance of success. If you want to progress with a deal they can assist you from start to finish if you wish. If you’ve never approached banks for funding, or even if you have, Integritas by your side can make all the difference. The difference between a yes or a no. The difference between additional cash flow through improved terms. The difference between your plans becoming a reality or staying just out of reach.

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Plus, in addition to the more traditional route, if the amount you’re looking to raise is below £500,000, Crowd Credit is an option you could consider. Swift, accessible and growing in popularity, this could be a real consideration, but still requires understanding and careful management. Bringing Integritas on board can help ensure you’re professionally advised, manage your application and credit related issues.

To find out more please contact Nick Burrows, senior distribution propositions manager, at nick.burrows@aviva.com

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