Your customer guide to the Insurance Act 2015

As the Insurance Act comes ever closer it's not only important that you understand the effect it will have on your procedures and processes, but that you can provide your clients with the information they need to understand what it means for them.

Following the publication of our broker guide to the Insurance Act, we've produced a customer guide for you to share with your commercial clients, to help you provide them with more information.

The guide has been designed to explain elements such as Fair Presentation of Risk and Proportionate Remedies in a way that makes it easy for customers to understand, as well as providing information on the role of the customer, broker and insurer to comply with this new legislation.


As you know, the intention of the act is to ensure all parties work more closely together to make sure that relevant and accurate information is gathered and given to insurers, and that consequently the policy works as the customer would expect it to. The introduction of our Fair Presentation of Risk Guarantee helps to do this by providing greater clarity over the level of information we require.

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