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Are you currently a supervisor in your organisation or have staff working towards a supervisory role? If so, Aviva Development Zone has the perfect course for you.

The Supervisor Pathway is a new online and assessment course, created by Aviva and RWA to help brokers understand the FCA’s objectives around both training and competence. Supervision is the essential element that not only aids compliance but actually protects your business from risk.

What can you expect on the Supervisor Pathway?

This is a modular course taking you and your supervisors from the basics of regulatory requirements right through to the techniques and tools for tackling competency issues within your firm. At the end of this pathway you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of Supervisory responsibilities in a regulatory environment
  • Detail methods for effective Supervision
  • Demonstrate consideration for the staff being supervised on both an individual and team basis
  • Demonstrate how to create targeted solutions and action planning

The final element of the Aviva Dev Zone Supervisor Pathway will include a final written assignment bringing together your learning and practical experience. Along the way you are fully supported with the theory and relevant documents that help you put best practice into practice. The Supervisor Pathway is fully hosted on the Aviva Development Zone and is included within the standard licence fee, so there are no extra costs or charges.

To learn more about the new Supervision Pathway or to get a free 30 day trial on Aviva Development Zone, simply:

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To find out more about the different courses available, you can also download your copy of the new Aviva Development Zone brochure.

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