Cyber Crime – Are you at risk?

More than a third of business owners say they’d been the victim of cyber crimes such as hacking, phishing, and pharming. For those who suffered a cyber crime, 75% said it cost up to £1,000 to put things right*


Are you being vigilant with your online safety?


At Aviva, we have worked hard to ensure that you are well informed and supported to protect yourself against cybercrime. The Aviva Development Zone and RWA have worked together to create a new Cyber Risk course, which helps increase your online safety awareness when working in any computer-based operation.


The Cyber Risk course is broken down into 13 modules and covers the following content for best practice learnings:

  • Cyber Risks
  • What Are Cyber Risks?
  • Cyber Risks – BYOD
  • Cyber Risk Exposures
  • Cyber Risks – Cost of Cybercrime
  • Cyber Risk Covers
  • Cyber Risks Glossaries
  • Cyber Security Basics
  • Things To Consider When Reviewing Policies
  • Cyber Risks – Social Media
  • Cyber Risks – The Cloud
  • Types of Cyber Crime
  • What is Cyber Crime

To learn more about the Cyber course and to get a free 30 day trial on Aviva Development Zone, simply:

If you’re already signed up to DevZone, please click the link to take you through to and start your Cyber Risk training today.


Don’t forget

You can also add Cyber Cover onto your Commercial products. To find out more, click here.



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