What are we doing about Flood Re?

As you’ll be aware the Flood Re scheme went live on 4 April 2016. We’d like to share with you how we’re progressing with deploying Flood Re into our systems. You can now trade Flood Re through our E-Services solution.

Aviva E-Services

You’ll now be able to get quotes that benefit from Flood Re by using our E-Services solution which is available on Aviva Broker. The policy screen will indicate if the risk has been ceded to Flood Re.

New Business

If your client has been ceded to Flood Re you don’t need to take any special action – you can just progress with your quote as normal.

What risks will be ceded?

  • Your clients in the highest risk flood areas.

What if a property in a high-risk flood area hasn’t been ceded?

There are a number of reasons which may see your client not ceded under Flood Re – please visit the Flood Re website for further information on the full criteria.

If you believe the property should have been ceded, please contact your personal lines underwriting team or Aviva sales manager. If your customer isn’t eligible for any reason, you should proceed to underwrite the risk.

Please note, a midterm adjustment on a policy which was invited for renewal prior to 16 May 2016 - these policies will only become eligible once they have been through their next renewal.

Do I have to do anything different with E-Services Renewals?

Renewals invited after 16 May 2016 will automatically cede for eligible risks - you don’t need to do anything differently for these customers. Our renewals are invited 32 days in advance and the change will be effective for policies with a renewal date from 17 June onwards. If a renewal hasn’t ceded which you believe is eligible, please get in touch with your personal lines underwriting team.

Do you need access to E-Services?

E-Services is our web-enabled policy administration application, which is available through Aviva Broker. You can use it for secure access to our policy administration system for both Your House and Home Plus. To get access to E-Services, just log in to Aviva Broker, select the ‘Update profile’ tab from the homepage, scroll down to ‘personal e-services access’ and follow the simple instructions.

Any questions?

We’re committed to developing our Flood Re capability over the coming months  and will continue  to keep you updated on our plans. If in the meantime you have any questions about Flood Re, please contact your personal lines underwriting team or your Aviva sales manager.

For more information about Flood Re please visit the Flood Re website.

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