How do you comply with the new EU Data Protection Regulation?

It’s a big responsibility to hold your client's personal data. The way that it’s used and handled is protected by the EU Data Protection Law. A new directive is coming soon about data protection in the digital age and giving the same rights across the EU, regardless of where people’s data is processed. How can you keep up to date with this new regulation?

Here at Aviva, we’ve produced a summary of the key areas of the new regulation, to help you understand what’s involved. You can also view the full regulation information if you’d like to find out more.

Our guide will take you through;

  • The new regulation
  • Your responsibilities as touches data
  • The global aspect of the regulation
  • Compensation claims
  • Transfer of EU citizens data outside of the EU
  • Harmonised request rights
  • New erasure rights “right to be forgotten”
  • Informing individuals of their rights
  • Sanctions and incident reporting
  • Data protection officers

Have a look at our guide on the new EU Data Protection Regulation today.

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