How can your clients be protected against electrical fires?

Did you know that faults in property electrical systems or machinery account for a significant number of building fires? Fixed wiring, portable appliances, and machinery need to be regularly inspected to avoid overheating or insulation failure which ultimately, if left unchecked could cause a fire. So, how are we here at Aviva using new technology to help combat this issue?

We’re always looking at ways we can innovate to improve the service we provide you and your clients. We want to always be looking at new ways to help protect your client’s world – that’s why we’ve now deployed nearly 80 of our risk consultants with thermal imaging cameras. These cameras can be used to look at almost anything which gives off heat to find out if it would cause a fire. It’s all about finding an electrical issue early before it fails.

We can then help your clients protect their business against these types of fires by guiding them through the preventative measures they can put in place.

One of our customers, The Polka Theatre recently had their electrical systems and machinery inspected by our thermographic cameras. We then sent them images of their property with a report which discussed risk improvements to protect their business against electrical fires.

“Everyone was very impressed by and envious of your thermal imaging capacity!” Stephen Midlane, Executive Director at Polka Theatre.

For more information about our risk management services, you can visit our risk management website. Alternatively, if you have any questions, please contact your usual underwriter or Aviva sales manager.

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