Cracking down on home policy fraud

At Aviva, we’re committed to fighting fraud for our customers and brokers. It’s all about working with you to improve our ability to deter, prevent and detect fraud and to close the front door to fraudsters.


We’re already running fraud checks on all of our personal motor book and our commercial motor products. We’re continuing to evolve and develop our detection processes. Here’s our latest update on how we’re helping prevent home fraud.

What are we doing?

As part of an ongoing investment in our fraud capabilities, we’ve expanded our existing fraud screening tools to our home products. From May, we’ll be screening new business, mid-term changes, and renewals on a daily basis.  

How does it work?

Policy transactions are loaded into our fraud detection system. Our Policy Investigation Unit will investigate referrals and take appropriate action with you to ensure we avoid fraudulent risks.  Our team will be in touch with you if we suspect fraudulent activity on a policy. They will provide instructions of action to be taken. However, it will also reduce work in other areas, such as dealing with defaulted payments, bad debt, and fraudulent claims.

What are the benefits to me, the broker?

Let’s be clear: insurance fraud is a crime, is often linked to other organised criminal activity, and pushes up premiums for genuine customers.

In previous broker surveys, you’ve told us that insurers and brokers are on the same side and shouldn’t be in this to catch each other out. It’s about sharing our knowledge and collaborating in order to identify anyone who’s attempting to abuse our profession. We whole heartedly agree and this is exactly what we’re doing. By investing in processes like this, we can work together to demonstrate to fraudsters that, as an industry, we’re cracking down on fraud. 

Do I need to do anything differently?

This process is managed by us so you don’t need to do anything differently.  There will be no impact for you to the sales, mid-term change or renewal process. You’ll only be made aware of a suspected fraud issue during the underwriting referral process if we contact you for additional customer validation.


In the meantime, if you have any concerns about fraud related activity and the impacts it may have on your business please contact our Fraud Team at Our team will be keen to help you in any way they can. If you have ideas about tackling fraud in our industry, please just email

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