Do you find it hard to place leisure vehicle risks?

Leisure vehicles are becoming more and more popular in the UK and last year saw a 21.1% increase in new UK motorhome registrations.*  So, how can you easily get a quote and look after your customers who are out and about in caravans and motor homes?

Marketplace brings together a refreshed range of specialist products all in one place for those harder-to-place risks. One of our many options on Marketplace is the quote and buy facility from Victor Millwell, who can look after your leisure vehicle placing needs.

With summer just around the corner and enthusiasts dusting down their motorhome and caravans for more adventures, here are our 4 top tips when it comes to placing motorhome business.

·         Always check where the vehicle is kept, as such vehicles due to their value need to be kept off road.

·         The value of the vehicle will determine the security needed. Vehicles over £55,000 will need a Thatcham approved Category 1 alarm or Category 5 or 6 tracker. Any vehicles over £75,000 will need a Thatcham approved Category 1 alarm and category 5 or 6 tracker. Then vehicles over £99,000 require a Thatcham approved Category 1 alarm and Category 5 tracker.

·         Find out how long your customer uses their leisure vehicle - Victor Millwell’s standard policies offer of up to 9 months travelling in the motorhome in any one year. If your client wants to live in the motorhome full time (that includes travelling around the EU full time) then this can be considered.

·         Ask your customers what fuel, such as gas canisters is kept in the vehicle as, as they will need appropriate levels of gas and explosions cover that also covers personal effects and glass and windscreens.

Our leisure vehicle provider, Victor Millwell can offer you and your customers the cover they need through Marketplace.


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*The Caravan, Camping & Motorhome Show, 2015

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