There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to financial sanctions

Compliance is part of our daily lives. But regulations change constantly and keeping up to date can be challenging. That’s why at Aviva, we’re keen to do whatever we can to help you stay fully compliant in a fast-changing world.

One area where it’s vital to remain compliant is UK financial sanctions regulation. Sanctions are intended to discourage individuals, businesses and regimes from involvement in activities relating to‎ terrorism, human rights abuse and‎ violation of international law. Financial services firms have an obligation to implement and maintain controls for screening individuals and entities with whom they conduct financial transactions against sanctions lists.

To help you assess what level of sanctions screening controls is relevant for your firm, we’ve put together this useful guide. It summarises the FCA’s view of good practice and contains suggestions on what you need to consider in order to remain compliant.

Please note, it is only a guide, the content is for illustrative purposes only and it does not constitute advice which you can rely upon. For further details, we recommend you read the FCA’s ‘Financial crime – a guide for firms’, published in two parts in 2013 and 2014.

Financial Sanctions Guide

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