Important information regarding your customer payments

This month we’re replacing our current platforms: e-Collections and Credit Portal with a new payment facility. We have extended the functionality available within Aviva Broker Collections allowing customer card and Direct Debit payments to be set up within the Aviva Broker Collections portal hosted on the Aviva Broker website.

The customer payments functionality is going live on Monday 18 April, from this date all customer payments will be processed via the Aviva Broker Collections portal, located in the online services section of Aviva Broker.

In the two weeks before the system goes live, you can familiarise yourself with our easy to use training material by clicking here.

Why are we doing this?

  • One place for all customer card payment and Direct Debit set ups
  • Policy validation - Ability to obtain an illustration (such as admin fee) before deciding to set a policy up on Direct Debit
  • No risk of selecting the wrong Direct Debit
  • Pre-population of information e.g. policy number, customer name, as set up against the actual premium entry e.g. against the actual invoice
  • Due to the overnight refresh functionality of the statement, the commission for the broker to take will be available the next day, subject to no other delays
  • Easy to follow process
  • Consumer Credit Act and BACS regulations compliant


How do I access the new system?

  • If you have an account on our Aviva Broker website, you will automatically be given access
  • If you do not yet have an account for Aviva Broker, you can create a profile using the ‘Register’ button on Aviva Broker.
  • If you are an ‘Applied’ broker, you will be automatically re-directed by your SWH. We will be sending you a separate communication via your Software House explaining how this works. 


What do I need to do now?

  • Please ensure you have access to Aviva Broker. If you already have a profile, check that you are able to log on and use the ‘Forgotten Password’ link to re-gain access if you are unable to enter. If not, follow the registration process highlighted above.
  • From 18th April 2016 you will be able to process all payments through the Aviva Broker Collections portal.



If you have any queries relating to the above then please contact your Aviva Sales Manager.

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