How can your customers cope with disruption?

Business Continuity is an essential part of any business. Here at Aviva, we offer a number of business continuity services to our customers. These range from audits of their existing business continuity plans, to advising on indemnity periods and supply chain risk assessments, to training key staff – how can we help your clients?

Let’s focus on business continuity planning…

Do your clients have a business continuity plan? It’s an essential way to protect their business and help it respond, recover, resume, and restore following disruption. It has been proven to minimise the risk of disaster and maximise their ability to recover.

A good business continuity plan should provide clear time-based direction, should be adaptable, enabling a business to respond to a range of disruptive incidents, be concise, only containing relevant information and applicable to those that will use it.

A business continuity plan should be considered in what the business does day to day, not just what it would do in times of difficulty. The planning process can broadly fit into 5 steps:

  • Service levels - considering any external requirements whether industry standards, legislation or contractual levels of service.
  • Risk analysis - setting of minimum level of service required to maintain service to main customers.
  • Emergency action planning - what the business would do immediately in the event of an incident.
  • Business Recovery Planning - how the business plans to recover, and the processes and assistance required to do so.
  • Testing and Maintaining the Plan - the essential testing, validating and updating of the plan.

There is no doubt that business continuity planning is essential for businesses to build their resilience to interruption, and protect their ability to provide their products and services to their customers.

To help your clients with their own plan, please share our interactive business continuity planning template with them today.


For more information you can visit our risk management website where you can access tools and templates to support your customers. Alternatively, if you have any questions, please contact your usual underwriter or Aviva sales manager.

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