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Last month we changed our pricing on our Minifleet, Self Employed, Manufacturing & Wholesale and Commercial Property Owners products on Fast Trade. We told you we weren’t stopping there and now we’re pleased to announce the next exciting changes! We’ve now changed our pricing on Shop & Salon plus at the end of July, we’ll be refreshing our Self Employed product and introducing a new cross selling and prospecting tool as well as giving you the option to requote at a click of a button.

Shop & Salon pricing

We’ve reduced our new business pricing by up to 10% across 30% of trades on our Shop and Salon product on Fast Trade. We’ll also be introducing these pricing changes for renewals too at the end of July.

Self Employed product refresh

At the end of July we’re refreshing our self employed product on Fast Trade. Based on the research conducted last year with many of you and your customers, we know SMEs want solutions that keep their business moving. SMEs have to be fluid to survive and need solutions that are equally adaptable - that’s why we’ve improved our self employed product to make sure it’s exactly what they need! We’ll send you more information on our new product soon.

Cross selling and prospecting tool

Also at the end of July, we’re directly responding to your needs from the research and introducing a new cross sell and prospecting tool on Fast Trade. We hope this will help you win more business. You’ll see more information about these new tools coming soon.

Requote at a click of a button

Finally at the end of July, we’ll be implementing some changes which will make it easier than ever to quote for business at the click of a button- meaning you’ll only have to input information once on Fast Trade. This is just one of the changes we’re making, directly responding to your feedback. You’ll see more information about these new developments coming soon.

If you have any questions or would like further information on these exciting changes, please contact your Aviva business development manager.

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