Increasing your driver options on Minifleet

Based on your feedback we’ve amended our Minifleet Fast Trade offering to include two additional options for driver age segmentation.


We’ve added two further driver options ‘Excluding drivers under 23’ and ‘Excluding drivers under 28’ to allow you to more accurately reflect the age of drivers on your customer’s Minifleet policy. This means that the options available to you are now:

Excluding drivers under 21 – other than named

Excluding drivers under 21

Excluding drivers under 23 (new)

Excluding drivers under 25

Excluding drivers under 28 (new)

Excluding drivers under 30


This amendment will reduce, and in some cases, eradicate the number of times you will need to refer and potentially provide a saving on the premium by providing increased range of driving options to accommodate drivers of different ages.

For example, under the previous options a fleet including minimum driver age of 24 would have fallen under the same driver segment as those containing 21 year old drivers i.e. (‘Excluding drivers under 21’), without referral or manual intervention. Now, these can be differentiated, as the fleet containing drivers aged 24 can be categorised under ‘Excluding drivers under 23’ and therefore the premium quoted online can reflect that.


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