Aviva Broker Collections

We’ve previously told you about our exciting new online digital service, Aviva Broker Collections, which went live at the start of 2015. So, how is it going?

You may have already received the Aviva Broker Collections survey and so far we’ve received some great feedback;

·         Over 80% of you are satisfied with the communications prior to starting to use the portal

·         96% found our training manual and FAQ’s quite helpful or very helpful. 

·         Quicker access to statements came out top of the benefits found from using the portal with improved account reconciliation coming in second. 

·         Over 33% said that free direct debit payments to Aviva was the main benefit from using the Broker Direct Debit payment option

·         22% said that they get quicker reconciliation of the account as well as easier paying throughout the month.


We’ve also been getting great comments from many of you;

“The biggest improvement we have seen since moving onto the Aviva Broker Collections portal is the availability of the system with live updates overnight. We also are benefiting from the ability to add premiums and to continue working on the statement once the payment has been authorised along with the free direct debit facility.”Jelf

“In our experience so far on Portal we are finding it a lot easier to use than ARC, the fact that it’s updated everyday saves us time in looking for items that we have on our system which did not previously show until it was updated monthly on ARC. The sorting and filtering are also very easy to use.” Lucas Fettes

“The system is good, easy to use and works well.” Bollington

“The biggest improvement is that the site live updates, so that we don’t have to constantly click to save and update, freeing up more time. Other benefits are that we can add items to the portal and settle, reducing the amount of old items that we have. Having access to view documents that we have missing is also a benefit. The search functions are a lot clearer compared to ARC.” Alan Boswell

If you’re not yet on the Aviva Broker Collections portal, we’ll be moving you on soon, but to speed up the process please contact brokercollections@aviva.co.uk to speak to one of our roll out team.

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