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This month Fast Trade celebrates it’s 5th year and we’d like to introduce you to some of the people that have contributed to it’s success.

As Head of Commercial Small Business & OnlineTrading, Danielle Meldrum has responsibility for our team of technical experts covering Small Business products and underwriting strategy, including those which we trade online.

Q. Danielle, Tell us about yourself and your role at Aviva…

A. I’ve been with Aviva for 17 years, having worked in a variety of roles within Claims, Operations and Commercial Schemes.

My responsibilities include teams that look after Small Business products and underwriting strategy and have recently evolved to include responsibility for the online referral teams, who are a dedicated team of underwriters located in our Commercial online hub, based in Perth.

Q. Enlighten us on the skills and experience of your new team…

A. Our Commercial Online team is made up of 46 underwriters who have over 500 years of underwriting experience between them. For example, Carol Payne, who is one of our Commercial Underwriters, has been underwriting for over 22 years and has embraced the move to online trading through Fast Trade.

Carol added
“In the past the perception of online platforms was one of ‘Computer says no’, but thankfully we have moved on from that and can now accept risks on Fast Trade, if it makes sense for them to be written online, even if they don’t quite fit the standard model.

We consider each such case on it’s own merits, assessing whether the online product and pricing is right for the risk. There’s still a case for more complex risks to be underwritten & priced in an ‘offline’ environment, but by providing a platform that allows the straightforward risks to be placed online makes the process much easier and quicker for brokers and their clients.”

Q. What developments are being made to make it easier for brokers to trade?

A. We’re constantly looking at ways to improve our systems and the service we provide and just last month introduced extended opening hours – so our team are now on hand Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm. We regularly review our processes, from analysing and improving reasons for quote referrals and declines, to the most frequent queries via Live Chat and how clear our product wordings are. Ultimately we want to make it as quick and simple as possible for you to do business with us.

Over the coming months, you’ll start to see improvements to Fast Trade – these changes have been designed to make trading online even easier for you.

The changes we’ve made have been based on broker feedback, so I’d encourage our brokers to continue to tell their Business Development Manager about any improvements they’d like to see.

The quickest way to speak to one of our highly skilled underwriters is by phone, on 08000 152 2578 or through Live Chat on our website.

Don’t forget, to celebrate Fast Trade’s 5th birthday, we’re giving away tunes for quotes.

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