Tunes for Quotes – Even more products now included!!

As you know, we are currently celebrating the 5th birthday of Fast Trade by giving away 3000 iTunes vouchers. So far over 1000 of these have been won, which we hope many of you have already benefitted from, but there are still plenty up for grabs.
Plus, we’ve now added a further four products to this fantastic prize draw giving you even more chances to win!

The following products are now included in our ‘Tunes for Quotes’ promotion:

• Residential Property Owners
• Commercial Property Owners
• Shop & Salon
• Pub, Restaurants & Hotels

These are in addition to Manufacturing and Wholesale, Self Employed, Office and Surgery, Marine and Computers, so for every Fast Trade quote on one of these products you’ll be entered into an instant prize draw to win a £10 iTunes voucher.*

Simply get a quote from Fast Trade and you’ll be entered into a virtual prize draw and once you submit the quote you’ll find out if you’re one of our lucky winners.

With Fast Trade, you can quote and buy our most popular commercial products online in less than five minutes.

The benefits of Fast Trade include an easy to use system, instant documentation, live chat and dedicated support throughout.

Get your Fast Trade quote today, and good luck.
*Terms & conditions apply

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