More documents available online

More documents available online

As part of our commitment to Corporate Responsibility (CR) reducing our paper output as much as possible is important to us. Ensuring we have a paperless solution available to you, our brokers, and your customers is critical to that success.

Over the last 12 months we’ve been making improvements to our e-Documents so we thought we’d take this opportunity to remind you of the benefits of using e-Documents, what documents can be found online, and provide you with a guide to using the service.


•       Policy number is now the primary search for commercial documents.

•       Improved the validation of policy numbers for both commercial and personal lines business.

•       When a policy search has been unsuccessful we have added contact details for our Online Broker Support Team to the error message. They will be able to help understand why the documents are not showing and help you to retrieve the documents you need.

Benefits of e-Documents

We know it’s not always appropriate to have e-Documents for an end client however where it’s suitable there are a number of benefits:

•       Quicker access to documents compared to traditional posting – typical 10 day delay

•       You can get documents to your clients quickly by email

•       Reducing the environmental impact of printing and posting documents

What’s available online and when?

Personal Lines products

All e-services and personal lines new business, mid term adjustments and renewals for:

·         Your House

·         Home Plus

·         Private Car

·         Distinct Home and Motor

·         Your Van

·         Premier Bike


From July this year your customer’s documents will be available in e-Documents the following morning after they have been entered on to our system. Prior to July there will be a delay of 3 working days.

Please note that Personal Best and Software House written business are not available on e-Documents. For all Personal Best documents these can be accessed from your My Policy link from the Personal Best page on Aviva Broker.

Commercial Lines products

All commercial lines business, new business, mid term adjustments and renewals are available online.

For commercial combined (CCI), commercial property (CPO), agriculture (AGR) and motor trade (CMT) New business and mid term adjustments:

Policies entered on our system by 10am will be available in e-docs after 12pm the same day.
For policies keyed by 2pm they will be available in e-docs after 4pm the same day.
And for policies keyed after 2pm they will be available in e-docs at 8am the next morning.

For Renewals there is an overnight run every Tuesday, Thursday and last working day of the month making documents available at 8am the following morning. Please note renewals are never processed on the 1st working day of the month.

For all commercial motor and non Fast Trade package policies these will be available in e-Documents within 10 minutes of being entered into our systems.

Please note that for Fast Trade policies all documents are available within the Fast Trade website instantly.

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