Holidaying on the road just got trendier!

Marketplace is our one stop shop for niche and specialist business. Alongside Aviva products, we also have a selection of trusted expert wholesalers offering their products. One of these wholesalers is Victor Millwell who can offer insurance designed specifically for motorhomes, so we thought you’d like to hear a little from them.

 “2013 saw a huge rise in the number of people making the most of motorhome, caravan and camping holidays. With the ever increasing appeal of glamping more and more people are seeing motorhomes as an affordable yet luxurious way to camp. It is estimated there are 174,000* motorhomes in the UK and with this increased number of motorhomes on the road, more and more brokers are looking where to place this business. 

At Victor Millwell we are experts in the field of Motorhomes. We understand motorhome owners and their needs. We know that standard car policies will not provide the cover needed. Cover for risks such as gas explosions and personal contents theft is imperative and our team understand that.

We work with brokers all over the country to provide excellent cover for motorhomes. Through our products we have been voted Which provider of the year for 8 out of the last 9 years. As the market leader we pride ourselves on having a knowledgeable and approachable team who even in the most difficult cases can find the right solution for Motorhome owners. 

We are more than happy to offer advice to any brokers with questions about motorhomes and would welcome calls to understand this product better. Please call 0208 984 0333 to find out more.”

If you want to find out more about Marketplace, talk to your Aviva Business Development Manager or visit Aviva Broker today.

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