Advice and guidance for your customers about what to do in the event of a flood

To support you and your customers we've put together the below advice and guidance about what to do in the event of a flood to try and minimise the damage and speed up the repair time - please feel free to share this with your customers.

If your client's business or home is already flooded this leaflet provides advice and guidance around flood resilient repair and you may find this Guidance for businesses to manage their flood risk useful too.

There is also a Business Flood leaflet, principally aimed at small/medium sized businesses and provides simple practical measures that can be taken to mitigate the flood risk and subsequent damage.

Our risk surveyors have been busy visiting the impacted areas across the UK and one of them yesterday in a flood hit area gave the following small but immediate advice to a local broker. This was well received so we hope this can also be useful to you and your customers.

• Move all equipment off the lower floors.
• Make use of any sandbags, there are also barriers that can be fixed into the door ways to stop water from getting in. If your customer needs advice on how these can be obtained, they can call the Environment Agency. Failing that, a contractor can fix supports to the door ways which can stop or slow down the water.
• Seal the soil drainage to stop any water from getting into the buildings drainage system, thus preventing contaminated water from entering the building.
• Turn off all the electrics to the floors that are likely to be affected.
• If there is a lower area such as a basement, try and route the water flow into these areas and pump out. For example, if any man hole covers can be opened which would send the water to the basement area, it is better to flood a basement and actively man a pump to pump it all out rather than having the water travel through the ground floor of the building.
• Take up carpets and remove anything that can be moved to higher floors.
• Call drying companies and put them on standby in order to get them to set up large industrial dehumidifiers to start the drying process ASAP after the flood. This will prevent any water from penetrating into the foundations of the building, causing further problems.

Our claims teams remain ready to help you and your customers.

We've worked hard to ensure we're prepared and in the best possible place to deal with any claims arising from such conditions. Our major incident response planning also means we've been able to get extra resource in place.

 Our expert field surveyors, loss adjusters and claims handlers are also on hand to help your customers deal with any claims as quickly as possible

As you'd expect there may be some delays at this busy time but please be assured we're doing everything we can to get your customers back on their feet as quickly as possible.
For those of you with Bonus Account Executives we've engaged with them so they're also on hand to actively support you. We'd also like to talk to you about setting up local centres in the worst affected areas so our staff, surveyors and loss adjustors can be present in the local community on hand to help those customers who need us most - we may be in touch with you to see if you can aid us with premises for this initiative.
Our surveyors will continue to be out and about, checking on customers in the worst affected areas and we'll continue to deploy them as and when we learn of any other areas impacted.

We're also making full use of our expert Asprea desk, with many loss adjustors out in the field for areas most heavily affected by the flooding and stormy weather, they will also be reporting back as to where any pockets of potential damage might be.

If you do need some help or advice, please contact our claims contacts below - they're ready to help you.

For Commercial Property claims:

Kelly Robson – 07800 691202 –
Cathy Davies – 07800 691445 –
Jeremy Stubbs – 07733 307131 –

For all Personal Lines claims – home, motor & high net worth:

Lillian Baxter – 07966 610248 –
Ryan Ireland – 07800 697907 –

For all Commercial Motor claims:

Paul Dyer – 07800 690874 –

In addition to these contacts, don't forget your dedicated Claims Relationship Managers - on hand should you need any assistance.

Amy Cannings – 07800 691307 –
Victoria Wadsworth – 07966 610014 –
Michelle Sloan – 07800 696145 –

Here at Aviva we are absolutely committed to do all we can to help you and your customers through this very difficult time. Our claims service is our most important offering to you and your customers and by working together with you, our broker partners, we are able to respond immediately and help your customers in their time of need.

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