The clear up after the storm

We’ve had lots of very positive feedback from you on our handling of the St Jude Storm event. Our claims service is our most important offering to you and your customers and we’ve been able to manage the surge in demand and keep our service performing at a high level – thank you for your continued support and feedback.

In preparation, we’d already invoked our major incident plan and we had a first class response from the teams in our centres of excellence, in the field, and in our supply chain.

By working jointly with you we’ve managed to get a large proportion of our customers claims settled immediately. Those which aren’t either have clear next steps in place with appointments for one of our experts to visit the property or we’re awaiting estimates from the customer’s preferred contractor.

We’ve had some great customer feedback on how we’ve responded, words like speedy, efficient, pain free are being used and this is absolutely how we want you and your customers to feel when dealing with Aviva.

Thanks for your continued support, patience and giving us the right information - it’s much appreciated.

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