Aviva Development Zone could be the answer

We know that being knowledgeable and compliant is important to you so we’re pleased to provide you with access to a web-based, gap analysis and learning management tool designed especially for brokers.

Aviva Development Zone is created with you in mind, offering flexible learning options covering over 100 different regulatory, compliance and technical subjects, as well as over 400 soft skills subjects. Accessible via your PC or tablet, this really is any time, any place, any pace learning

As well as this, we can also offer you The OBELISK. This is a gap analysis and learning & risk management tool, brought to you by RWA Compliance Services, which helps you to regularly assess competence levels and identify gaps in your knowledge so that you can source the right learning material. The OBELISK will also benchmark you and your staffs' knowledge levels against other broking firms so that you get an immediate view of how you compare to other brokers. Utilising both Development Zone and The OBELISK in tandem provides you with a comprehensive learning facility that is specifically designed to be suited to you and your business.

Email devzone@aviva.co.uk to register for Development Zone today or to request a 30 day free licence.

Plus keep an eye out for our brand new Blended Learning proposition, designed to make learning even more effective and engaging – coming soon in 2014.

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