We've launched a new cycling safety initiative

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve just launched two new road safety initiatives to help reduce the number of incidents involving both Large Goods Vehicles (LGV) fleet customers and cyclists.  


As the largest insurer of LGV’s in the UK, we’ve seen a number of serious collisions involving cyclists and LGVs over the last 4 years, especially in large cities – for example London, where such vehicles have been involved in more than half of the cyclist fatalities.

So what are we doing about it?
To help combat this, we’re working on two initiatives with the LGV fleets we insure:

Firstly, we’re pleased to be the first insurer in the UK to finance the cost to equip LGVs (above 16T) with a widely-commended “stay back” sticker to fix to the rear side of Lorries. The aim is to warn cyclists about the inherent danger of pulling along the inside of a truck, especially if it’s turning left at a junction. 

Secondly, LGV fleets insured by Aviva may also benefit from ‘Enlightener’ Fresnel Lenses – a thin optical lens which is fixed to the inside of the passenger window to improve the driver’s view of the major blind-spot areas, directly below and behind cabs on LGVs.

If you have any customers, who you think would benefit from these materials, speak to your Business Development Manager or your Underwriter.

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