Marine Madness – Congratulations to our winners!

Since the launch of our exclusive game Marine Madness in September, over 200 of you have tried your luck at this addictive past time.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve sent a series of emails telling you loads about our Marine offering and our increased appetite including details about the products available, opportunities for cross selling marine to your existing customers and highlighting the ways to trade with Aviva.

We also invited you to play the three levels of the marine Madness game which saw you dodging on-coming obstacles over land, air and sea – and some of the scores were impressive to say the least!

Prizes were awarded to the highest scorers for each level and as promised, a special prize was given to highest scoring brokerage overall.

J Hatty & Co achieved an impressive collective score of 144,000 so are the worthy recipients of a Marine themed hamper, complete with plane, lorry and boat shaped biscuits. This is on its way to you so enjoy! 

Congratulations and thank you to everyone for playing!

Although the game is now closed, you can still read all about our Marine proposition by visiting Aviva Broker.

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