There’s loads happening with Marine…

There’s loads of opportunities and benefits of selling Marine business and we really want to share these with you, so over the next few weeks we’ll be letting you know all about our Marine offering. And as announced at the recent Club 110 conference, there’s an exclusive Club 110 trading incentive for Marine business.

We’ve increased our appetite for Marine business and made some improvements to our covers and wordings but there’s still loads more we want you to know so keep an eye out for more information soon.

And don’t forget, if you have 5 minutes spare then you can also play our exclusive game, Marine Madness. Guide your vehicle, whether it’s a plane, lorry or boat, past oncoming obstacles without crashing and watch your points add up. If you’re feeling confident, submit your high score - we’ve got prizes available for each level as well as a prize for the highest scoring brokerage. So get your team on board!

For more information on Marine or to have a go at the game, visit our dedicated page on Aviva Broker.

To find out what other Corporate and Speciality products we offer, watch our video today.

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