The transfer of Minifleet to Fast Trade

As you'll be aware, we've started to transfer your Minifleet business to Fast Trade. Your trading team will continue to work with you - agreeing the premium and terms and conditions before transferring the policy to Fast Trade.

We’ll also move any Direct Debits to the new policy so all you need to do is send the client a copy of the policy documents.

Once a Minifleet policy is live on Fast Trade, you can take advantage of the benefits Fast Trade offers, such as:

• Point of sale documents
• Our most accurate pricing
• 1 hour response on all referrals
• Live Chat – contact an underwriter interactively via Fast Trade.

You'll also have the ability to process all changes and our dedicated Fast Trade team will be your point of contact for underwriting queries you may have.

The online transfer team can be contacted on 0800 152 5278 or by clicking on the Live Chat icon on Fast Trade.

Read more here to find out about the benefits of converting to Fast Trade and placing business online.

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