Giving you a competitive edge to win Electronics Manufacturing business

It’s now the turn for Electronics Manufacturing to get the Aviva Premier upgrade; we’ve made real improvements to the wording. We hope this will give you that something extra to impress your clients and get that new business over the line or hold on to an important case.

What’s our Electronics Manufacturing appetite?

• Electronic Process Control Equipment
• Medical and Surgical equipment
• Measuring and Testing Equipment
• Electronic Components and Sub Assemblies
• Electronic Communication

What’s new for Aviva Premier Electronics Manufacturing?

Here’s a snapshot of some things we’ve upgraded our Electronics Manufacturing product;
• We’ll now write Electronics Manufacturing risks who supply to medical, military, off shore, measuring and analytical, and in most cases aviation industries.
• We’re looking to make Efficacy exclusions a thing of the past for Aviva, as we look to provide up to the policy limit wherever possible.
• With increasing awareness of product safety, we provide Product Recall cover for most risks with £100,000 worth of cover included as standard.
• We’ve taken the opportunity to review our approach to underwriting clients with North American exports and can provide cover where a significant proportion of the overall turnover is exported to North America.
• We’ve reviewed our approach to Business Interruption, with research and development expenditure included as standard
• Improved underwriter capability to ensure an increased appetite for this business, to compliment an increased capacity for larger risks

Electronics is important to the UK

The worldwide electronics industry is estimated at £23 billion a year and is reported to be the fifth largest industry in the world in terms of production. Manufacturing in the UK is also very much alive and well. It accounts for 46% of UK exports. The UK is recognised as the European leader in independent electronics system design, making up approximately 40% of the market. The UK also leads in areas such as electronic design communications e.g. Bluetooth and satellite, as well as microprocessor design, video, graphics, audio and many other areas.

Understanding the Electronics Manufacturing Industry

We’ve also created an Electronics Manufacturing Industry Review to give you the knowledge, insight and tools to help you win more new business and stay ahead of the competition.

What are you saying about Aviva Premier?

“We have been provided with an exceptionally attractive and competitive offering through Aviva Premier which is bespoke to the client and whilst premium is higher, our overall package including wording flexibility is far better and we are happy to support this offer to our client.” John Horn, Southport Insurance Brokers

Don’t forget

Aviva Premier delivers you better service, better cover, better claims and better trading tools to help you and your clients. It’s a smarter, sharper way to make mid-market work for you.

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