Have you tried Minifleet yet?

After an incredibly successful pilot phase and some great broker feedback, our Minifleet product on Fast Trade is now widely available.

Since launching Minifleet on Fast Trade last year, it has been our most successful deployment of a commercial online product ever. And so far Minifleet has achieved the following results:

• 1,400 brokers quoting
• Average of 2,800 quotes a month

If you haven’t got a quote yet, have a look at the Minifleet benefits below:

• Our most competitive pricing available online
• Response on referrals within the hour
• Ability to adjust commission
• 10% premium adjustment on all quotes
• Live Chat facility for real-time assistance
• No admin fee for transactions
• Any business written online will count towards your deal with us (if you have one)

If you’ve got any questions about Minifleet, speak to your Aviva business development manager.

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