Motor Insurance Database team – change to contact fax number

The Motor Insurance Database (MID) team based in Stretford administer changes and updates on the MID. The team’s fax number is changing to 01603 828679. The new number is already live and can be used, but to give you time to update any records we are setting an official live date of 20th May 2013.

If you have any changes that need to be made on the MID including any vehicle updates, policy amends or file transfers please make sure you send them through to the new fax number; 01603 828679, or email us at Our email address has not changed.

Please note - Any faxes sent through on the old number will still get picked up but there may be a delay in processing any changes, so please make sure everyone in your business is made aware of the new fax number.

Any questions?If you have any queries about the changes please contact Cathy Roberts, Performance Manager on 07966 600 236 or

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