Make more of our new Commercial Property Owners policy wording

We’ve spent a lot of time talking to customers, really getting to know how we can improve their insurance experience. Their input combined with your feedback has resulted in us updating our policy documentation on Fast Trade - they are now clearer, easier to navigate and use language that your SME customers can understand.

The first Fast Trade product to be refreshed is Commercial Property Owners (CPO). This means that any new business or renewal written on CPO with an inception date of 29/10/15 or later, will receive the updated documentation.

The refreshed, market differentiated policy wording has been developed with the needs of you and your customers in mind – the simple language and consistent style and structure adopted makes it easier for you to work with and clearly shows the customer what is covered, what is not covered and any actions they have to take.

Key documentation updates include:

·         We’ve removed the jargon and out of date language, and condensed content to make it easier to read and understand

·         We’ve clearly highlighted required customer actions within the policy wording – nothing is hidden

·         Customer Obligations (previously Conditions Precedent) have been moved to the front of the policy schedule to make cover conditions as clear as possible from the outset

·         We’ve added digital functionality to the online wording – defined terms can be understood instantly without the need to go back and forth through the wording

·         We’ve added search functionality, simple navigation and icons to make it easier to find specific information

·         All policy limits now appear within the schedule  - no need to switch between documents to understand cover amounts

·         We’ve changed the layout to make it easier to view on a range of electronic devices

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