Making collections even easier

Many of you will have already used our new Aviva Broker Collections service. While your feedback has been positive, it’s helped to identify a number of improvements which will make it easier and more intuitive for you to use.

We have made the following improvements:

·         Surname sort for personal lines policies: You are now able to sort all personal lines policies by surname, making it easier to identify your transactions.


·         Display total outstanding value on ‘My Statement’: We now display the total outstanding value on a statement site in ‘My Statements’ view. This is to ensure you can see the same level of information as we provided on your paper statements or via ARC.


·         Individual Policy Search: We have added the ability to update a transaction via the ‘Search Policy’ box on the home page. This means you will be able to update or raise a query without having to search for the policy via your statement view and then update.


·         View of items per page: To make it easier to view your transactions or queries, you’re now able to change ‘Items per page’, across all of your page views, to 10, 25, 50 or 100.


·         Payment History: We have added export and print functionality to your ‘Payment History’ page which will allow you to extract a record of your payments for your records.


·         Latest Queries: The queries with the most recent updates are now displayed at the top of your ‘My Queries’ page. We’ve also added a time stamp author of the query and the statement site reference number onto each query with a direct link which will take you into that statement site. This will allow you to quickly identify queries and which statement site your query is aligned to.


·         Multi-Currency Payments: We now accept payments in multi-currency. This will be invisible to the majority of broker users, the changes will only appear if a statement contains transactions debited in currencies other than GBP. We have removed the “£” symbol from all views, except for where the broker selects Pay by DD as we can only accept broker statement payments by DD in GBP. We have also added an additional column “ISO Code”, to enable easy sorting for brokers with multi-currencies.


We hope these changes will help make using our Broker Collections service easier. If you have any further feedback, please send this to your credit controller.

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