New marketing template for Commercial Crime

The fraud landscape is ever changing, and like you, we want to provide our clients with the reassurance they need that they’re covered for commercial crimes committed against their business.

Our new wording is based on an ‘all risks proposition’ which means that if there’s a theft, a fraud or dishonesty committed by either employees or people on the outside of the business, it’s covered.

To help you spread the word to both new and existing clients, we’ve added a new Commercial Crime leaflet to our suite of free marketing templates.

Now live and ready to use on, you can create your own branded marketing leaflet, explaining how with Aviva you can help businesses protect themselves against emerging frauds such as these.

You’ll find this Commercial Crime template under our Speciality Lines section in Broker Create. To access Broker Create, simply go to and log in using your Aviva Broker username and password.

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