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At Aviva we understand the value of effective learning and the importance of this within your business. We can prove it too - we’ve been providing learning services, designed specifically for brokers like you for over 15 years.  


Heard of Development Zone?

This is our online learning and assessment website that provides for all your training needs and gives you the power to stay one step ahead. It’s built around engaging challenges and an extensive database of learning material, all designed to help you reduce risk, develop and grow.    


What makes it different?

On 11 May we are re-launching and will offer you more than ever before. We’ve joined forces with RWA to bring to you the most feature rich e-learning platform for insurance brokers on the market. The system identifies what you know and more importantly what you don’t know via regular assessment and provides the tools to help you evidence this and fill in the gaps. All at your own pace.


Some of our favourite features include:

  • extensive course options with regularly updated content
  • CPD Recorder – your records all in 1 place
  • benchmark Reporting – learn how you & your staff compare
  • badge rewards – because achievement should be recognised
  • HTML5 Design – for anytime, anywhere, any pace learning
  • no admin hassle and an on hand account manager


Plus, we’re not increasing the price and over the coming months we’ll be making further improvements such as specific learning material on Aviva products and a Claims focus. It’s all designed around the information you’ve told us would make a difference to you. 


What if I’m already a user?

If you’re an existing Development Zone or Aviva Obelisk user you will be receiving an email with further details on what these changes mean for you, but rest assured it’s all very straight forward. This new system combines the 2 websites based on your feedback, so all the best bits, plus some added extras are in 1 place.


Interested in finding out more?

We’ve put together a quick video which you can view here if you’d like to know more.


Please call 01495708037 or email  for further information or visit the site from 11 May, and sign up for a free 30 day trial.

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