Aviva Broker Collections Portal

In December we announced the release of our Aviva Broker Collections Portal, which is a new online digital service. Over 500 of our brokers are now using the portal and we would like to provide you with the opportunity to fast track your registration and start using the Aviva Broker Collections Portal.

To fast track your registration, all you need to do is send and email to brokercollections@aviva.co.uk and include your brokerage, contact name, email and telephone number.

There are lots of great benefits to the Aviva Broker Collections Portal;

1.     daily refresh of your statement – new items appear sooner giving you a fresh view of your statement every day and this means you can settle your account more than once a month and at any time

2.     automatic account reconciliation – once you’ve settle an item it will automatically reconcile it which minimises the risk of manual errors

3.     real time query management – you can now query items online and our system will automatically send your question to either our collections or underwriting team – you can also add any comments and close queries

4.     direct debit – you can settle payments for your clients who are paying by direct debit and there’s no requirement for CHAPS or BACS payments - plus these are automatically reconciled against your statement

5.     policy level transaction history – there’s one view for your statement and you can also look at individual policy level detail for your clients

6.     links to existing online facilities – there are quick links to e-Collections and e-Docs within the Aviva Broker Collections Portal making it easier for you to access everything you need.


We’re also pleased to offer a new payment facility of Broker Direct Debit, alongside our existing payment methods BACS, CHAPS and Cheque. Broker Direct Debit is a one off Direct Debit which can only be submitted by a Direct Debit Authorised user from your office. We won’t take a Direct Debit payment from you, unless you have reconciled your account and chosen Direct Debit as the payment method for the settlement. Paying by Direct Debit can save you money as it doesn’t include the same fees associated with BACS and CHAPS and you are also covered by the Direct Debit guarantee.

The Aviva Broker Collections Portal will become the default account management method for you to deal with Aviva and will be replacing current methods such as paper statements and I-Market.

Over the coming months we’ll be rolling this exciting new system out to you. This is being done in a phased approach, which started in November 2014 and we are planning our last roll out in July 2015.

What are brokers saying about the Aviva Broker Collections Portal?

500 brokers are already signed up and using our new system and this is what a few of them have to say about it;

 “Queries are answered a lot quicker nowmeaning items are paid sooner

“Broker Direct Debit is free for us so more frequent payments are made”                       

“There are less incorrect items on the account due to the real time view”

“It is a brilliant system to use”

“Credit where credit is due, I have just reconciled account via new system and seems to work very well”

If you’d like to register your interest and move onto the Aviva Broker Collections Portal, please send your Brokerage, contact name, email and telephone number to brokercollections@aviva.co.uk.

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