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Over the past few months there’s been some great stories and material for you in The Loop, so we thought we’d take this opportunity to bring some of this to you again, just in case you missed it the first time! From a winter risk management bulletin to the story of Fast Trade and our Distinct Prospectus to a Manufacturing Industry Overview; there’s loads of great stuff to support you and your business.

1.     Winter weather can have a large impact on homes, businesses and travel, so safeguarding against the weather is crucial for your customers. So we’ve created a winter risk management bulletin for you to share with your clients.

2.     Fast Trade is now 5 years old and we’re continuously adding new products, making improvements and increasing functionality. Have a look at our Fast Trade story book to show you all the great things our online trading platform has to offer.

3.     Aviva Broker Collections is a new online service which will be available via the Aviva Broker website. This new solution will enable you to view your Aviva statement online, settle transactions as well as raise statement queries, process card payments and set up Direct Debits for your customers. Over the coming months we’ll be rolling this exciting new functionality out to you, our brokers.

4.     We’ve produced a comprehensive Manufacturing Industry Overview which brings together our commercial mid-market offering, Aviva Premier and some key considerations for your Manufacturing customers.

5.     When your clients have more, they need insurance that gives them more. More cover, a more personal service and more choice. Distinct Insurance from Aviva gives them all this. To help you show your clients everything our high net worth insurance has to offer, we’ve created a Distinct prospectus for you to share with them.

6.     Have you been in touch with one of our Speciality Lines business development managers yet? The team are working hand in hand with our regional business development managers and underwriters to showcase our specialist lines products and providing support for these complex covers, where you need it.

We’d be really interested to find out what else we can do here at Aviva to support you, your business and your clients. If you have any ideas on material or articles for The Loop, please just email us at theloop@aviva.co.uk

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