Want to choose your own Fast Trade Minifleet commission?

You’ve told us it’s important that you can choose your own level of commission. So, that’s exactly what we’re doing on our Fast Trade Minifleet product where you’ll be able to flex your commission from 0% up to 20%.

From 1 March, once you’ve completed your quote, you’ll continue to proceed to the quote summary page where you’ll be able to flex the commission level between 0%-20%. Once you have set the commission level, we’ll recalculate the premium for you. If you need to adjust the premium again, you can, just select the adjust commission option again and at this stage, you’ll only be able to flex commission levels down.

At renewal – we’ll issue terms based on the commission level selected in the previous year. If you want to amend your commission level, you can continue to do this on Fast Trade.

Don’t forget, our Minifleet product is suitable for fleets with 3-12 vehicles at quote stage with the availability to increase the number throughout the year. We’re interested in writing risks with drivers over 25 and 6 or more vehicles with proven claims experience.

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