Prism survey – your results are in

We conduct a survey three times a year with around 200 brokers in a survey we call ‘Prism’. It’s our most important temperature check for your views on how we’re doing. The latest results are in so here’s what you said... 


When we ask you to take the time to complete a survey, we feel it’s only right to share some headlines from our results.  For those of you that don’t know, Prism is a survey conducted with brokers over the phone and analysed by an independent agency to get an understanding of how it feels to work with Aviva across a number of factors ranging from claims experience to the quality of your relationship management.  The results are always discussed by our senior leadership team and they have an influence on our business decisions.  So what do the latest numbers tell us?



Our overall key metric on ‘best service’ has seen a shift upwards with more of you telling us that we’re your most recommended insurer which is fantastic news.  It follows other accolades we’ve been proud to win such as the Insurance Times ‘General Insurer of the Year’ award which was also independently voted for by brokers.  We’re grateful to you for your ongoing support and don’t take it for granted.


When reviewing all your comments, something that came out loud and clear was your positivity around our consistent business strategy.  You’re telling us that you’re feeling the benefits of having a consistent and strong leadership team in place and that our vision has been clear.  If this doesn’t ring true for you, speak to us and let us know.  This focus is vital for our business as it gives us the stable platform from which to grow in partnership with you.


Commercial Lines

We further split our metrics down by those of you that have a bias towards commercial or personal lines.  In commercial lines, the research showed that we have remained in the top spot as your most recommended insurer – overall, our score for being best provider in commercial lines is up 10% year on year. 


In looking at the reasons you gave for your preference for Aviva in commercial lines, unsurprisingly our claims service proved to be a key differentiator. 91% of you said you were satisfied by both our claims handling and settlement which is a staggering 16% increase from the research we conducted back in the summer.  But you’re also telling us that Aviva is a company that understands your individual needs and that we provide flexibility at renewal.  We hope that some of the benefits you’re seeing in commercial are driven by Aviva Premier, our suite of trading tools and wordings designed to help you win more mid-market business.


Personal Lines

When it comes to personal lines, we’ve maintained a strong position here too.  Our research often sees us swinging between first and second place; in this wave, we were delighted to retain the top spot for being the provider you felt offered you the best service for the second time running – in fact, we’ve opened up the gap between us and our nearest competitors with c. 45% of you citing Aviva as best, then that drops away to c.12% and c.9% respectively for those competitors in second and third place.


Again, claims handling and settlement comes out on top amongst the reasons why Aviva could be your most recommended insurer in personal lines.  This is no surprise with claims being the moment of truth when you and your clients need us most.


In reflecting on these results, chief sales and marketing officer Phil Bayles said, “2014 was a great year for us.  We’re in great shape and that’s all down to the hard work of teams from right across our business striving to do the right thing for our brokers and their clients on each and every case.  To see results like this coming in gives me confidence that you, our brokers, our feeling the benefits from the way we do business at Aviva.”


Fraser Edmond, director of broker performance, said, “You’ll hear that the theme of growth is an increasingly important one for us.  When our Prism survey shows strong results like these, it makes me excited for what we can achieve together in 2015.”

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