Driving motor claims reform

At Aviva, we are doing everything we can to encourage claims reform in our industry.  

In the past, the motor claims market has thrown cash at problems without any real thought on the consequences of its actions. We are taking another route to tackle the UK's compensation culture on whiplash and low-impact claims.


Last month we caught up with Andrew Morrish, Aviva motor claims director, who told us about the Uk’s current compensation culture, what Aviva are doing to tackle it and why that should be of particular concern to fleet managers and owners. This is further brought to life through the experience of one of our policy holders, Belinda Ellis, who was the subject of a fraudulent claim.


In addition to the work on motor claims reform, we are committed to working with motor charities and exploring new technologies to ensure we are continuously improving and enhancing our fleet service for the benefit of our customers, and to remain at the forefront of this important movement.


Aviva, your first thought for fleet cover.


For further information on our fleet cover visit our Motor product pages.

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