Think a fraudulent transfer of funds could hit your client where it hurts?


Our Commercial Crime policy indemnifies businesses for employee fraud and dishonesty as well as a range of third party fraud and forgery risks.

In addition to covering loss of physical assets and money, our Commercial Crime policy also protects your client against loss of intangible property such as monetary balances in a bank account and loss of public utilities, like gas and electricity. Our policy also has a broad range of cover extensions, catering for after-care expenses such as investigation costs and public relations consultancy fees.

Commercial Crime insurance offers protection for exposures not covered by standard theft and money policies. It's designed for all businesses, including commercial, charity and public sector organisations.

Thinking outside the usual Lines

Thanks to the Speciality Lines business development manager based in your region, you can now get all the help you need to put together a tailor-made specialist solution for your clients.

If you have a client who would benefit from Commercial Crime cover or want more information on the cover options available, speak to your Aviva business development manager

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