The ABC of health and safety

At Aviva, we’re working in partnership with The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), who’ve launched a set of free tools and guidance to help small and medium sized businesses understand what they do and don’t need to do to keep their staff and customers safe.

The step-by-step guidance, which has been developed in conjunction with business owners, includes Health and Safety Made Simple; the Health and Safety Toolbox and practical online risk assessment tools.

Whether you or your customers only employ one or two people, or are expanding to multiple locations, the freely available guidance will help identify the real risks in the workplace and suggest sensible precautions to put in place.

For businesses that consider themselves new to health and safety the HSE’s Health and Safety Made Simple is a great place to start. This is the go-to guide for all the basic information that businesses need to get started with health and safety. It offers simple, clear information on what you must do to comply with the law.

It covers topics such as deciding what facilities need to be available in the workplace, how to consult employees and what training and information should be provided.

The Health and Safety Toolbox: How to control risk at work, builds on Health and Safety Made Simple. It gives straightforward advice on the most common health and safety hazards and shows practical steps that can be taken to control risks.

You can access the simple online guidance and get started with sensible health and safety on HSE’s website.

Kate Haire, HSE’s head of Growth and Business unit, said: “This set of tools and guidance show small and medium size businesses that managing health and safety doesn’t have to be difficult. We don’t want business people spending their time making unnecessary changes to their workplaces in the name of health and safety. We want businesses to focus their efforts on controlling real risks in order to protect their workers or customers. The tools and guidance available will help them do this.”

Don’t forget, Aviva have a strategic partnership in place with Safety Media Ltd to provide your customers with annual health and safety e-learning subscriptions that gives unlimited access to an extensive range of training modules. For standard Aviva clients, they get a discounted rate for this service. However, for our Aviva Premier clients, we’ve gone that little bit further and we’re giving them this service without charge.

This health and safety e-Learning will save your Aviva Premier clients on average £900 a year* and with complete risk management and built-in testing facilities the saving against classroom or other methods of training delivery could easily be in the thousands. What’s more this won’t cost your clients a penny as this is all part of the Aviva Premier service. Your Aviva Premier clients can sign up here;

*This figure is based on the open market rate for Safety Media Ltd services for 15 licenses



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