Our new website is live – how do you access it?

Our next-generation broker website is now live – broker.aviva.co.uk will no longer be updated and will be switched-off and re-directs will be put in place in the coming weeks. 

If you’ve already migrated and signed in to the new site, you should not return to broker.aviva.co.uk as you won’t be able to log in. The web address (URL) you should bookmark or save for future access is https://connect.avivab2b.co.uk/broker.  

If you haven’t yet accessed the new website, here’s how you can:

Have an existing Aviva Broker account? You need to migrate by 5pm on Wednesday 30 November

To allow you to log in – and access the features and services you usually do – we ask that you migrate your account from the old site.

This process will take no more than a couple of minutes, and we request that you complete it by 5pm on Monday 30 November so the transition is as easy as possible. After this date, you'll no longer be able to access broker.aviva.co.uk, and we'll send you further instructions with details on how you log in to the new site.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Log in to this website as you normally would.
  2. You’ll be asked to change your password due to the new site’s increased security.
  3. Finally, you’ll need to accept new terms and conditions before being taken to the new broker website where your account will then be active.

Please note: you’ll no longer be able to log in to broker.aviva.co.uk once you’ve successfully migrated your account to the new site.  Please do not attempt to. 

I don't have an Aviva Broker account
  1. Simply go to the new site today - https://connect.avivab2b.co.uk/broker 
  2. If you’d like an account, you can create one on the new site by clicking ‘Register’ on the homepage. 
Some additional information
  • You can download our migration guide for a step-by-step look at the required process 
  • Our FAQ document tells you how to find what you need and includes an important update on our 'Rebuild and Contents Calculator' and 'Electronic Notification of Loss (ENOL)' features.

If you experience any issues while trying to migrate your account, please contact the Aviva Broker Online Support Team by email, phone or live chat.


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