Changes to Aviva Personal Best

Aviva Personal Best was launched several years ago to give you access to the sophisticated rating structure enjoyed by our Direct customers. A sustained development effort means that this structure is now available across all major software houses with widened underwriting parameters and the introduction of motor referral functionality. A single pricing structure will help manage our profitability and speed of response to new data.


As part of this change with effect from 1 June 2014 the commission rate on Aviva Personal Best car and van products will reduce to 7.5% for new business and renewals.*


Your commission rate for business transacted via your SWHs is not affected by this and remains at your agreed rate of commission.


Aviva Personal Best Transfer Deal


To support you in moving any business on Aviva Personal Best to your Software House we have introduced some rating flexibility.


Our strategic intent remains to consolidate all products to a single platform. However in this transition Aviva Personal Best will remain open for new business for the following risks:


·     Personal Property where ARI is not available on the brokers SWH

·     Motor – Business that can’t be written through a SWH

·     Multi-Vehicle – This proposition is not available on SWHs

·     Brokers who don’t have access to a SWH


We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support of Aviva Personal Best and we look forward to receiving future business from you via your Software House.


If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact your Aviva business development manager who will be happy to help.



*Mid term cancellations processed post 1st June will have new commission rate applied. Mid term cancellations processed post 1st June but from inception pre 1st June will use the existing rate. You’ll receive a letter shortly with regards to your Terms of Business Agreement Terms relating to Personal Best from Aviva.



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