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Your competitive edge in the mid-market

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Right now, the mid-market is a tough place. Competition is fierce – most of the offerings look the same, leading to many decisions based on price as there is no quality of service or cover differentiation.

You’ve told us that achieving cut-through can be tough, especially when you need something that little extra to impress your clients and get that new business over the line or hold on to an important case.

Your feedback has helped us shape Aviva Premier - delivering better service, better cover, better claims and better trading tools to help you and your clients.

It’s a smarter, sharper way to make mid-market work for you.

Tailored approach on every case

To help ensure the best solution for your clients, Aviva Premier is tailored to their needs. A named local underwriter will manage your case all the way through, deploying specialist claims and risk management services as your client requires. Your underwriter will also have access to invaluable trading tools, including exclusives, long-term agreements, net rates and a flexible approach to wording conditions. Broker-client meetings can also be set up, focused on risk management, claims and underwriting.

Excellence and exclusivity

Aviva Premier is not for everyone – it requires a partnership approach between you, your client and Aviva. Aviva Premier is designed to help you win those cases where your clients are planning for the longer term and want to protect their business by managing down their exposure to risk.

More policy flexibility

Aviva Premier is available across our wide range of commercial products. Throughout 2013 we will be introducing a variety of segment-specific offerings that reflect the demands of the industry. Based on industry insight and a real focus on claims and risk management, we’ve broken new ground with significant improvements to our wordings and a much more flexible approach to conditions. First up are new wordings for Professional Services, Business Services and Machinery & Equipment.

Find your competitive edge with Aviva Premier – It’s all part of our aim to be number 1 for brokers.

Talk to us today

To find out more, contact your Aviva business development manager, your underwriter or visit www.aviva.co.uk/avivapremier


You’ve told us you need to know what our appetite is. Throughout 2013 you’ll see a variety of product spotlights; these are areas of business where we’re really keen to work with you. Not only are there product enhancements but there’s the Aviva Premier Toolkit. Plus, whilst we might be highlighting certain products within our appetite, Aviva Premier is available for the right case across our commercial mid market product range.

Professional Services

We’ve upped our game and been meticulous in making sure our Aviva Premier proposition is spot on. What’s more is there are great new product enhancements too. There’s never been a better time to write Professional Services with us.

Find out more about Professional Services

Business Services

From analytical chemists and recruitment consultants to computer services and estate agents to web designers, the business services sector encompasses a huge variety of trades. That’s why our cover is flexible and offers relevant, essential covers which embrace the diversity of this market.

Find out more about Business Services

Machinery and Equipment

Our Machinery and Equipment products are intended for companies whose product is manufactured via the assembly of component parts. With Aviva Premier and our new improved cover, it’s a great time to write this business with us.

Find out more about Machinery and Equipment

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