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What do I need to do with Fast Trade queries on the statement?

As Fast Trade is a self service proposition, all amendments including cancellation and lapses must be processed by brokers on Fast Trade. The cost saving of this self service facility is built in to the pricing of the product. Any queries relating to items on the statement which appear to be incorrect should be referred to your client handler and/or your Aviva Commercial Trading Team contact for resolution. Please refer to the 'Contact us' page;


If a policy is to lapse, it must be processed on Fast Trade by you within 14 days of the renewal date. If a lapse has been processed outside of the 14 day window, a time on risk will be charged. In this instance, you will need to refer direct to the Aviva Commercial Trading Team. Please refer to the 'Contact us' page

Direct Debit

If a policy should be paid by Direct Debit, this needs to be keyed onto the Aviva Broker Collections portal by you.

If a policy needs to be taken off Direct Debit at renewal, please contact Aviva Direct Collections immediately to remove.

Please remember if a policy is on Direct Debit, then the whole premium is payable by that method i.e. we cannot transfer a mid term adjustment off the Direct Debit onto your statement for payment.

Duplicate documents

All duplicate document requests need to be processed by you on Fast Trade.


Commission rate is agreed at agency and/or product level. If a new commission rate has been agreed with your Account Manager, your agency record will be amended to reflect this. There may be a delay in the new commission rate appearing on your Aviva statement however this can be rectified by adjusting and paying the individual policy upon agreement with your Account Manager.

Premium Differences

Any dispute over premiums charged should be referred to your Aviva Commercial Trading team for resolution.

Please refer to the 'Contacts us' page for relevant contacts

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