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Accepted Evidence of – No Claims Discount /Confirmed Claims Experience

No Claims Discount

  •  Renewal notice from current/last insurer - Renewal notice must have been issued within last 3 months

  •  Letter confirming NCD from current/last insurer - Letter must have been issued within the last 2 years

  •  A broker declaration as evidence of NCD entitlement following a telephone call to the previous insurer, this must be submitted in writing on your company-headed paper with the following information included:

o Insurance company name;

o policy number;

o expiry / cancellation date;

o date issued;

o NCD earned (in years);

o vehicle registration number to which the NCD relates;

o whether any claim(s) reported (yes or no) - if yes, provide details;

o type of policy (e.g. Private Car);

o name of person called and telephone number called.

Confirmed Claims Experience

  • This must be issued by the previous insurer in the agreed market format and include all periods the risk has been claims experience rated (up to a maximum 3 periods).

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