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What if the medical condition is not on the database?

Our database includes around 3,000 medical conditions and is being continually improved and revised. This means that for the majority of medical conditions you will be required to answer the questions set and complete the screening without referral. However, here are some tips you can try:

• Check the spelling of the condition with your customer and use the ‘contains’ function to search for it, some conditions have long names and by searching for part of the name you should be able to find the condition.

• Symptoms cannot be screened, for example breathlessness (a symptom of both respiratory and cardiovascular conditions). You must ensure that the diagnosed condition is selected. If your customer is unsure ask them to check with their GP.

• Some customers may disclose a procedure, rather than a condition. In these cases it is essential that you also screen the underlying condition, for example a colostomy is a procedure which can be performed for many reasons, it could be due to Crohn’s disease, Cancer, etc and the customer must be asked why this was performed.

• Complex, unusual or severe conditions or pending diagnosis situations will not appear on the database, this is because they will need to be underwritten on a case by case basis, and you will need to enter the details in the free format medical screening section.

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